Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Christmas Card and Keepsake Journals

The Journal on the left is based on Nordic Inspiration.
The idea sprang to me when I was reading a 
Christmas Magazine 'Craft Your Own Christmas'.
It had so many pages that 
I wanted to cut out and stick in a binder it
also had papers to use.
Very Scandinavian in flavour.
I collected all the cards, papers and keepsake stuff I had together
and started putting them into pages as a book.
I used two loop rings to hold all the pages together.

Inside Cover and page one of
The Nordic Christmas Journal.

A letter to Santa.

Scandinavian Christmas Cards

The Front Cover of 'Craft Yourself a Christmas'
and a charming christmas card of a little girl and her reindeer.

Nordic Stockings, Christmas Tree Stencil,
tags and cards

Cards, gift bag tops, tags and christmas chocolate  

Nordic Christmas paper and cards.

Nordic hearts and reindeer

Charming little fellows. These cards open up and more are inside.

Collecting the perfect tree and sleigh ride.

Candles and Oh! Christmas Tree

Gifts and Reindeer

Christmas Wishes and decorations

Reindeer with attitude.

The Christmas Story.

Baubles and decorations.

Winter scene and Nordic Stag.

There are a few places but I don't think I can get much more in this journal.

Here is a short video of the Christmas Journal I made for Irene.

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  1. another great book...thanks for sharing!! I love Christmas!