Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Christmas Card and Keepsake Journals

The Journal on the left is based on Nordic Inspiration.
The idea sprang to me when I was reading a 
Christmas Magazine 'Craft Your Own Christmas'.
It had so many pages that 
I wanted to cut out and stick in a binder it
also had papers to use.
Very Scandinavian in flavour.
I collected all the cards, papers and keepsake stuff I had together
and started putting them into pages as a book.
I used two loop rings to hold all the pages together.

Inside Cover and page one of
The Nordic Christmas Journal.

A letter to Santa.

Scandinavian Christmas Cards

The Front Cover of 'Craft Yourself a Christmas'
and a charming christmas card of a little girl and her reindeer.

Nordic Stockings, Christmas Tree Stencil,
tags and cards

Cards, gift bag tops, tags and christmas chocolate  

Nordic Christmas paper and cards.

Nordic hearts and reindeer

Charming little fellows. These cards open up and more are inside.

Collecting the perfect tree and sleigh ride.

Candles and Oh! Christmas Tree

Gifts and Reindeer

Christmas Wishes and decorations

Reindeer with attitude.

The Christmas Story.

Baubles and decorations.

Winter scene and Nordic Stag.

There are a few places but I don't think I can get much more in this journal.

Here is a short video of the Christmas Journal I made for Irene.

Friday, 26 December 2014

The Art Room Studio Christmas

The studio looked really pretty the last month leading
up to christmas.
I would like to Thank everyone
who has enjoyed and supported the studio over
the last year.
The studio is closed until the 14th of January 2015.
Classes and workshops start the following week 
from the 19th.
Merry Christmas and happy new Year everyone.

Christmas Nails

Kim at Innovations in Swaffham has been looking after my
nails ever fortnight for the last two years.
Yes! they are mine.
This year I have had different colours with glitter 
on the tips each time.
This time I not only had red sparkle I 
dipped the whole of my nails in the glitter pot
much to Kim's surprise but wow!
I love the effect.
I think this will be next year's 

Linen Star with Sttich

More stars but made with linen, sheet music and stitch.

Irene's Victorian Christmas Tree

This is Irene's Front Room Christmas Tree.
This is her Victorian inspired room.
Her hall is blue and silver, the front bedroom is purples
the kitchen is red and gold the dinning room is lilacs
and pastel and the conservatory tree is children inspired!!!!!
There is a tree for each colour and it's amazing.
It takes you back to being a kid again.
Thank you Irene. 

Elves Christmas Party

These are the Thursday afternoon girls with their
'Elf On!'
We have so much fun! 
Irene is Head Elf, the one in the blue!
Thank you to The Windmill at Necton for
making our lunch so much fun.
Thank you to all The Old Art Room

Christmas Card and Junk Book for Irene

Here is a video run through

I made Irene a Christmas Keepsake Junk Book as
a Thank You for inspiring and making the Wall Hangings
that hung in the studio this year.
She can put in Cards, keepsakes and ephemera from 
There ar pockets, envelopes, tags and lots of places to add
over the years.
I made one along side it but mine is now bulging with additions

See more inspirational books HERE

Nativity Advent Calendar

There are many different Advent Calendars around.
I love the ones that become heirlooms.
This one is particularly beautiful.
Based on The Nativity.
It was a printed pattern only.
No instructions or extra fabric.
Heatheranne did a fantastic job of making the pockets 
fit with origami fabric inserts.
It was being posted so a
 message/note/quote/verse put in each pocket.
What a lovely gift and keepsake.

Jester Bags

Some patterns prove popular year after year.
These Jester bags are one of those.
Made with two triangles.
You can make them any size you wish.
The fun of them is the Jester Bells on the points.
Great to have on a table to act as a dish for
Christmas Treats.
Gill made these ones.

Christmas Tree Medley Wall Hanging

Irene finished this ChristmasTree Wall Hanging.
It uses a selection of techniques like a Sampler Quilt.
Due to some measurement changes
 Irene added in some additional borders
The original pattern was designed by 'The Stitch Witch'
Visit her website HERE
She is normally at all the Patchwork and Quilting Shows.

Reindeer Herd

The reindeers are multiplying and making a herd.
I made these for the Coven Girls presents this year.
See the presents I made last year for the girls


Reindeer are being made in all different sorts of

Snowmen Decs

Carole has been making lots of Christmas gifts for 
a stall raising money for her local church.
These Snowmen just made me smile.
As you can see they are made out of felt and all
hand stitched.

Origami Christmas Tree

Sylvia showed us the Christmas Tree is working on.
The squares are made out of 2" squares that have been 
folded and then pinned onto a cone.
It can be decorated and embellished.

Reindeer Making

Ros made her reindeer and I fell in love with the pattern
so made mine (above top).
I adapted the pattern.
Thank you Ros for the Reindeer inspiration.
Ros got the original pattern from sewmamasew.com

More Origami Christmas Bags

Muriel also made these origami Christmas Bags.

Mountain Saw Christmas Runner

I enjoy teaching different quilt blocks and this one has 
multi piecing and then cutting involved so it is an
effective one.
As you can see it makes an idea Christmas Runner.
This one has been made by Muriel.

Stamped Christmas Baubles

This year carrying on the theme of using music sheets.
We stamped printed six of the pattern and then glued these
together to form the 3D ornament. 
A silver thread glued down the middle with
a glass beaded charm hanging from the base.
Lots of glitter glue added to not only add sparkle
but to strengthen the paper.
These were very popular and fun to make
I can honestly say hundreds made this year.

Book Folded Christmas Tree

Last year I folded magazines into Christmas Trees as
part of the Paper Decorations in The Old Art Room studio.
Gill has made the Christmas Trees this year
by folding the pages in a book.
Covering the book cover and  adding decoration
made them really wow. 
Gill is raffling them for MacMillian Nurses. 
Well done Gill.

Christmas Folded Book Baubles

These Book Baubles are made from paperback books.
I have removed the covers. 
They are declining in size to add to the effect and a 
glass christmas ornament added to the bottom.
We will be making more origami book folded
sculptures in the new year.

Machine Embroidered Poinsettia

Ros used a Poinsettia Design that she used in her printing
to make the outline for this decoration.
Drawn on the dissolvable plastic and then 
machined embroidered.
Sequins added for berries.
Added to a thread means it can be hung from a window.
See Ros's printed Poinsettia HERE